Webgame For Kids- “Die Welt in schiefer Position” – Ernst Barlach Museum

Ratzeburg 2022

The Ernst Barlach Museum initiated two innovative projects that we realized. Let’s start with the interactive webgame for children, which, with a view to current critical topics such as climate change, the energy crisis or factory farming, playfully encourages people to question the way they deal with their environment. The sculpture “Der Spaziergänger” (The Stroller), created by Barlach in 1912, awakens from a deep sleep after a long time and is shocked to discover that the world around him has completely changed. Together, the children go on a discovery tour with him and, by solving mini-games, gain new knowledge about how they can improve the way they interact with their environment and reshape the world.
We were responsible for game design and the development of the interactive webgame in different variations and themes.
Click here for the game: News from Barlach Reloaded

The second project of the Ernst Barlach Museum is an AR web application with which the two Barlach sculptures “Der singende Mann” and “Der Spaziergänger” can be viewed anywhere outside the museum. Using a QR code, the application is accessed on any photo-enabled smartphone or tablet. One can choose between the two sculptures and place, rotate and scale them in space or the environment using the camera function.

Our responsibility was the preparation of the scans to make the models AR capable, the texturing and the embedding into the web application (compatible cell phone required).

QR Code für AR Skulpturen
QR Code für AR Skulpturen


Illustration and Storyboard:
Britta Kussin

Heike Stockhaus, Ernst Barlach Gesellschaft Hamburg