Digital Accessibility at the Hamburg Parliament

Hamburg 2023

The Hamburg Parliament is setting new standards in transparency and digital accessibility with its media library. Political discussions can now be easily followed, regardless of the device or other circumstances. In an interdisciplinary team effort, we, along with external experts, have developed a high-quality offering that sets new benchmarks in user comfort and quality.

In particular, we found that standard products in the market did not satisfactorily meet the quality criteria we had collaboratively established for subtitles. With our own developed approach, we were able to incorporate technology that significantly enhances the comprehensibility of subtitles – a crucial feature, especially in a political context.

Furthermore, we’ve devised a solution for streaming and recording sign language interpretation. The limited space within the protected historic town hall posed a challenge, but through the integration of modern network-based technologies, we, together with the Parliament’s team, found a sustainable solution for the sign language studio a few blocks away.

The new applications seamlessly integrate into existing systems. Manual labor is minimized due to a high degree of automation and good integration.

We take pride in the results of our work and the quality of the media offerings at the Hamburg Parliament. We are particularly pleased with the collaborative efforts of our clients and all other project stakeholders, which made such a high-quality outcome and an integrated system possible.