Custom LED Wall and CMS for Rathausgalerie Essen

Essen 2022

In close collaboration with a renowned operator of various shopping centers, Intermediate Engineering has successfully executed an exclusive project in Rathausgalerie Essen. Our task was to conceptualize a unique LED wall that seamlessly integrates into the interior design of the food court, enhancing the visitor experience. The LED wall impresses with its dimensions of 3 x 3 meters and a sharp resolution achieved through a fine pixel pitch of 1.9 mm. Content playback is facilitated from a remotely located technical room, using state-of-the-art fiber optic translation from a media server programmed by us.

The development of the project required two intensive workshops, each with 6 participants, consisting of artists, center managers, and architects. A particular challenge was to accommodate the diverse wishes and requirements of architects and artists and translate them into a financially attractive solution.

A central element of the project was the creation of a custom Content Management System (CMS). Using an agile, iterative approach, both the design and functionality of the system were developed incrementally, allowing for continuous integration of feedback and real-time adjustments. This tailor-made and user-friendly CMS enables the operator to manage content easily and efficiently, thereby constantly optimizing the visitor experience.

This project serves as an excellent example of Intermediate Engineering’s expertise and commitment to combining technical innovation with aesthetic demands. Our experience and close collaboration with stakeholders facilitated the successful realization of this challenging project.