“Kosmograf” – Humboldt Forum Berlin

The opening of the Humboldt Forums in Berlin took place on December 16, 2020. As a central element at this unique location, the “Kosmograf” welcomes visitors directly in the large entrance hall. This approximately 20-meter-high, three-dimensional LED tower is not only trend-setting technologically, but also helps to guide the audience.

The implementation of the technical conception of the elaborate, interactive installation and the technical support of the further development of the overall project “Kosmograf” was the subject of a tender, which was won by Intermediate Engineering.

At the beginning of the project, a workflow analysis was carried out with the creative team of the Humboldt Forum and the various usage scenarios were worked through in detail. Based on this, the existing planning was improved and the technical hardware concept was adapted. The show control system developed by Intermediate Engineering makes it possible for a wide variety of content – from announcements to real-time generated video artwork to live shows – to fit together seamlessly. A calendar-based planning as well as the possibility for interactive interventions in the program facilitate the team’s daily work.


schnellebuntebilder & Artificial Rome

Andreas König