Intermedia-Hub / Dancing Cloud

Hamburg 2020

Theatre, opera, musicals, and in general, the performing arts, are in need of new ideas and new options to implement as soon as the pandemic is over. We have developed the Intermedia-Hub in order to serve these ever-changing needs.

The Intermedia-Hub is a customizable technology that combines different video recordings and file formats, programmed to meet each customer’s desires and needs. It automates a process of connecting what belongs together and then delivers a tailor-made solution to the customer in a safe and user-friendly format.

As live entertainment is challenged in today’s reality, video recordings are becoming an essential component for creative development, the rehearsal process, remounting a production, and archival purposes. Footage captured by the Intermedia-Hub is also easily used for potential online advertising.

A version of the Intermedia-Hub, called the Dancing Cloud, was created for the Hamburg Ballett to serve as an internal, online hub which helped them improve their existing procedures, whereby allowing them mobility and improving their cost efficiency. Additionally, we created them a custom-built, in-house video platform with sophisticated and unique features to enhance their effectiveness in the rehearsal process.

Please contact us so we can help you assess and enhance your current infrastructure setup and learn how the Intermedia-Hub can be tailored to meet your individual needs and desires.

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