“Wonders of Nature” at the Gasometer Oberhausen

Oberhausen 2017

The highlight of the exhibition “Wonders of Nature” is the earth itself.

In the huge interior of the Gasometer, our blue planet is brought to life in a glowing light: the tour of the “Wonders of Nature” culminates in a view of a 20-metre globe floating in 100-metre high air space.

Moving, high-resolution satellite images (8-10 K) produced by DLR are projected onto the globe in precise detail. The visitor experiences the fascinating phenomena of the Earth’s atmosphere, alternating between day and night and the changing seasons.

The ride in the glass panorama lift up to the roof of the Gasometer then offers a view of our home planet as otherwise only astronauts experience it.

The exhibition was open from 11 March to 30 November 2017.