Solar-powered bird protection camera NABU

Ems 2017

For the joint project “Future Perspective Ems-Tide” Intermediate Engineering was commissioned to develop a self-sufficient animal observation station.

This station is located in a nature reserve at the river Ems since 2018 and collects videos of the breeding behaviour of the species nesting there.

In a nature reserve station, also equipped by Intermediate Engineering, visitors can experience current live images as well as videos of the observation station curated by volunteers.

The joint project “Insights into the environment and natural processes” of the Ems river of our client NABU Niedersachsen is intended to better understand and experience the services of the ecosystem and the processes in nature.

Intermediate Engineering took over the entire technical conception, programming of the software, control and sensor technology and the construction of the camera locations.

Since April 2018 it is possible to observe the animals and follow them via livestream.