Software development for animal observation NABU

Winsen (Aller) 2017

The NABU-Wildtiernis Gut Sunder is an exhibition building in the middle of nature, equipped with the most modern HD video technology.

Nine permanently installed cameras within a radius of 800m are directed, depending on the season, to places where animal movements are to be expected.

The software MoDeAn (Motion Detection Analyzer), developed by Intermediate Engineering, registers the animal movements with individual settings and triggers the recordings. In this way, animal observations can be experienced that would otherwise remain hidden.

The system produces finished video clips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So that nothing is lost, the last seconds or minutes before the release are also kept in the recording.

Intermediate Engineering actively supports NABU in the maintenance, servicing and expansion of the entire system.

The video recordings are made available on a video on demand platform for animal lovers and interested parties.