Intermedia Hub

your customized in-house media platform

The Intermedia Hub is a customized, web-based media platform that combines various video, audio, and file formats and is programmed to meet the needs and desires of our customers. It automates the process of bringing together what belongs together and delivers a customized solution in a secure and user-friendly format.
It helps ensure that your organizational workflow of recording, storing video data and live streaming runs smoothly. As a customized solution, it can be used in many areas such as stage performances, sports, political platforms and nature observation.

Our Customization Process

Interview & Requirement Analysis

The customer presents a media-related issue. The first step is to understand the specific requirements and needs of the customer. Following discussions and interviews with the customer and relevant personas, we conduct a detailed requirements analysis to comprehend the root cause of the problem and define the product requirements.

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Proposal Development

Based on customer and user requirements, a proposal is created. This typically includes a schedule, cost estimate, and the specific customizations or changes to the product.

Customization Planning

A detailed plan is created to determine how the Intermedia Hub will be customized to meet the individual needs of the customer and users. This may involve changes to the design, features, or other aspects of the product.

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Development & Adaption

The actual customization of the Intermedia Hub is carried out in accordance with the customization plan. This may involve developing new features, modifying interfaces, or integrating specific components. During this process, we go through several iterations, gather customer feedback, and build prototypes.

Fine Tuning & Testing

Based on customer feedback, we make final adjustments to the Intermedia Hub and ensure through comprehensive testing that all aspects of the Intermedia Hub work effectively before it is handed over.

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Deployment & Training

After customer acceptance, the customized Intermedia Hub is deployed to the customer. Training or training materials are provided to ensure that the customer can effectively use the product.

Customer Support & Maintenance

Customer support and maintenance continue to ensure that the Intermedia Hub functions properly, and updates or changes can be made as needed.

Feedback & Improvements

It is important to collect customer feedback in order to plan for future customizations or improvements to the Intermedia-Hub.

Feature Set

Which Features do you need?

Get customized features developed for your individual needs.

Meta Data Search

Search through your entire database using key words.

Cross-platform Support

Run the Intermedia-Hub on any platform without special preparation.

Video Zoom In & Out

Zoom in and out your videos by touch gestures.

Automatic Synchronization

Content will be automatically shared between all devices.

IP & User Management

Manage access control for specific IP addresses and users.

Camera Angle Selection

Provide different camera angles and switch them on demand.

Intuitive Content Playback

Fast back- and forward by drag touch gestures on the screen.

Pinned Notes, Book & Scene Markes

Create notes, book and scene markers within your media content.

Customized Media Storage & Browsing

Store and access data in a way that is suited best to your needs.

Enhanced Content Exploration

Benefit from navigation features like a scene slider to browse through your content.

Multi-media type support

Using the intermedia hub you can handle various types of media including images, video and audio.


Dancing cloud is a real high-tech in the field of art and self-explanatory system. The „Dancing Cloud“ can already be described as a success and very important: It works – not a matter of course with the numerous technical innovations. It helped us improve our existing procedures, allowing us mobility and improving cost efficiency.


Frédéric Couson

Project Manager at Hamburg Ballet

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